Company outline

Quantum14, To gain a position as the foremost company in various niche markets created by nanosilicon, by “specializing in application fields that can only be covered by nanosilicon.

Name Quantum14 KK
Foundation 12/13/2002
Activities Development, Production and Sale of nanocrystalline silicon-based technology. Technological and knowledge transfer.
CEO Toshikazu Shimada
Members 5 (As of January, 2015)
Capital 45,750K JPY (As of January, 2015)
Issued stocks 119,253
Accounting period October
Headquarter Higashi Koganei Jigyosozo Center, 1-2-36, Kajino-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo, 184-0002 Japan
TEL/FAX +81-42-388-7433

Members of Quantum14

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