Entrusted joined and customized Manufacturing/Development of Polus silicon

Porous silicon is fabricated by anodic oxidation processing in a clean process. It excels in heat insulation, is nontoxic and harmless for the environment.
The silicon material is also suitable for use in the research and development of biotechnology and medical applications because of its good bio-affinity.
Quantum14 can manufacture structured silicon layers according to customer specifications. Quantum 14 commitment also includes the entrusted development or the joint development of other technologies using the wet etching technology.

[Nano-silicon ,Example of surface structure]
Nano-silicon ,Example of surface structure

Nano-silicon ,Example of surface structure
Nano-silicon ,Example of surface structure

(1)Porous silicon specification
Please let us know your needs in term of hole size (from 10 nm) , porous silicon layer thickness (submicron up to about 200μm), type of silicon nano-structure, etc.
The standard size of the processed wafers is 4 inch maximum. (depending on specification)
The conduction type and the resistivity of the wafer is selected by the structure of the pore size. Please inquire when there is a request in the conduction type and the resistivity.

Around one month A.R.O. but please refer to the quotation.

Please specify the items below.

[Customer request]
(1)Customer information
1.Company name
4.Mail address
1.Average pore size
2.Porous silicon layer thickness
3.The number of wafer
4.Delivery request
5.Requirements and questions
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(4)Inspection data
As a standard , same as publishing photograph in Quantum14 KK Web site.


1)What is porous silicon?
It is a silicon wafer that includes many pores, thus forming a micro or nano-structure. Because the holes are formed in self-organized process, the distribution of holes can be controlled. A typical structure is described in the technological introduction.

2)What are the useful features of porous silicon?
Porous silicon is bio-compatible, exhibits high heat insulating property (because of very low thermal conductivity and thermal capacity). Depending on the nano-structure, it can emit visible light or can be used for ballistic electron generation. It has properties different from vitreous metal, and plastic, and complementary use can be expected.

3)What are the applications of porous silicon?
It is suitable for cell culturing , for the maintenance of DNA and protein.

Nanosilicon anodic oxidation technology"e-COOL"
Entrusted joined and customized Manufacturing/Development
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