Business outline

We aim at the effective use of the most abundant element of the earth crust : silicon

Silicon, which is widely used in the semiconductor, solar battery and MEMS industries, is also expected to excel in the bio-industry. It is also useful for heatproof applications. Importantly, it is respectful of the environment.

Quantum 14 aims at developing state-of-the-art materials and devices based on silicon micro- and nano-structures taking advantage of the expertise acquired in the past 20 years in the Laboratory of professor Koshida at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology(TUAT).

Quantum14KK Business

-Entrusted joined and customized Manufacturing /Development
Offering of nanosilicon substrate of various usage and of nanosilicon material based on requirement
-Crystalline silicon solar cell/Semiconductor process application
Ingot slicing in silicon solar cells processing
Surface processing and hole drilling in silicon wafer
-Bio/Medical application
DNA and cell multiplication substrate instead of the glass and plastic substrate
-Luminescent silicon
Nanosilicon photonic device, biological markers
-Electron emitting device
Application of nanosilicon ballistic electron emitter

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Entrusted joined and customized Manufacturing /Development